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Present for treatment with a myocardial infarction with st-elevation 8 including a loading dose given in advance of percutaneous coronary intervention pci , followed by a full year of treatment for those receiving a vascular stent a loading dose given in advance of fibrinolytic therapy, continued for at least 14 days present for treatment of a non-st elevation myocardial infarction or unstable angina 9 including a loading dose and maintenance therapy in those receiving pci and unable to tolerate aspirin therapy maintenance therapy for up to 12 months in those at medium to high risk for which a noninvasive treatment strategy is chosen in those with stable ischemic heart disease, 10 treatment with clopidogrel is described as a reasonable option for monotherapy in those who cannot tolerate aspirin, as is treatment with clopidogrel in combination with aspirin in certain high risk patients.